Find Shropshire Wedding Suppliers in our Facebook Group

What a fabulous start for the group Getting Married in Shropshire 2019/2020. In just 2 weeks 111 members have joined and are already contributing to a vibrant wedding planning arena.

This group is different from others, we want to keep the focus on our couples. Your input is vital to us, post ideas, photos and clips to the group. There are already many great suppliers who may be able to help you, or recommend a contact who can.

Suppliers are encouraged to add other vendors to the group to grow our network of expertise. And couples are encouraged to add friends/family from their bridal party. You can use the chat option to share ideas with your wedding party, simply start a chat, add friends and get the conversation flowing.

Only accredited suppliers are allowed in this group, no spamming or general selling is permitted. We want to make this the most relevant and talked about wedding group in Shropshire!